bearing materials choose according at special temperatures 2018-10-13 11:17:09

bearing materials choose according at special temperatures

First, high temperature bearing materials

When the working temperature is higher than 120 °C, the bearing is called a high temperature bearing.

1. High-temperature bearings made of GCr15 and GCr15SiMn steels are subjected to special high-temperature tempering and dimensional stabilization. However, the tempering temperature is increased, the hardness of the material is correspondingly reduced, and the bearing capacity of the bearing is lowered.
2. The high temperature bearing is made of high speed steel W18Cr4V, high temperature bearing steel GCr4Mo4V or stainless steel.
Second, low temperature bearing materials

1. Bearings with operating temperatures below -60 °C are low temperature bearings. Mainly used in various types of liquid body pumps, such as liquefied natural gas pumps, liquid nitrogen (hydrogen, oxygen) pumps, butane pumps, liquid pumps for rocket missiles, spacecraft and so on.

Commonly used low temperature bearing structures are mostly single row deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. Low temperature bearings are commonly made of stainless steel bearing steels 9Cr18 and 9Cr18Mo, and can also be made of beryllium bronze, ceramics and other materials.

2. Under the extremely low working temperature (limit temperature -253 °C): When the working limit temperature is required to be -253 °C, 6Cr14Mo material can be used, but it must be used in a vacuum environment.

Note: When using low temperature bearings, pay attention to burns caused by poor lubrication, so pay special attention to the selection of suitable lubricants.