Electromagnetic Bearings 2018-10-11 16:12:41

The role of the bearing in the industry can not be underestimated, the mechanical transmission achieves the fixed and reduced friction, the other components produce relative motion on the shaft, the role of the bearing is reflected, reducing the friction coefficient and the fixed shaft center. Up to now, we have been inseparable from bearings, and the types of bearings are various, such as deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, combined needle roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, etc. It has been closely related to our lives. Small to instrumentation, large to the aircraft carrier, are using bearings, but due to a series of shortcomings such as large friction coefficient, high power loss, low machining accuracy, narrow range of load and speed and working temperature, let us I thought that I could improve them, so I had research on electromagnetic bearings. Electromagnetic technology has made great achievements in the middle of the 20th century. By electrostatically and magnetically urging the shaft to float completely, a non-contact electromagnetic bearing is realized, which just overcomes a series of shortcomings of the original bearing. Far beyond the original bearing, humans have made further progress in the study of electromagnetic bearings, indicating that the new era is also progressing, and technology is not falling behind.

1 Basic principles

Since people discovered the electromagnetic phenomenon, they have conducted in-depth research on various phenomena of electricity and magnetism, explored the relationship between electricity and magnetism and the relationship between motion, and formed today's electromagnetics, which has further promoted the scientific development of science. Today's people use bearings that use electromagnetic to suspend the shaft. We have had corresponding research on electricity and magnetism before, but there is no specific combination before them. The perfect combination of electrostatic force and magnetic field force is applied to the bearing to form a new bearing, new bearing stiffness. It is higher than the original bearing, and the relative displacement is small when the maximum force is reached.

2 applications

If we compare electromagnetic technology to a towering tree, then the electromagnetic bearing will be the fruit of the fragrance on the tree. At present, the standard for measuring electromagnetic bearings is determined as: bearing capacity, stiffness, maximum speed, damping and other performance indicators will be The future application is the foundation. Since there is no direct contact between the electromagnetic bearings, the extra steps such as initial lubrication are eliminated, and the superior conditions such as speed and resistance are not limited in the vacuum, and are utilized in high-speed and high-precision ultra-high-speed trains and ultra-high-speed centrifuges. , hydroelectric generators, flow meters, density meters, etc. However, the application requires a large magnetic field support, and the application is limited, and is not suitable for mass production applications in life. Wind energy is a renewable green energy source. It can be used as a bearing for the development of bearings. It has wind turbine bearings and is used in various wind power stations, which has brought huge benefits to the country. In the future, bearings may be used in various green energy sources to make the earth pollution-free, technology will not stop, and will continue to improve. With the continuous advancement of magnetic materials and electronic technology, the technology of electromagnetic bearings is also increasing. Update.

3 Research status

It is the unique advantages of electromagnetic bearings that have attracted the attention of the people of the world. In the first magnetic bearing conference held in 1988, until now there have been six large-scale conferences on bearings. From the current situation, the research on electromagnetic bearings is mainly concentrated in Switzerland, the United States and Japan, and related research in other countries. It is growing vigorously. China should also keep up with the pace of the times and study electromagnetic bearings. After all, China is one of the countries that used bearings earlier, and it cannot fall behind. At present, the research on electromagnetic bearings, especially active electromagnetic bearings, has gone from scientific research to industrialization and commercialization. Its industrial applications include compressors, pumps, blowers, flywheels, centrifuges, etc. The application of electromagnetic bearings is mainly divided into two categories: rotating and non-rotating applications. During the sixth international conference, the use of magnetic bearings in high temperature environments attracted the attention of many participants. Before this, high temperature affected the normal operation of electromagnetic bearings. After this meeting, more and more problems will be solved. solve. In the future research, electromagnetic bearings will overcome various difficulties and lead to success.