lubrication methods plain bearing 2018-10-09 17:50:53

Common lubrication methods for oil-lubricated plain bearings are:
(1) Manual lubrication
When it is found that the lubricating oil of the bearing is insufficient, it is the most primitive method to supply oil with the oiler at the right time. This method is difficult to maintain a certain amount of oil, and the risk of forgetting to refuel due to negligence is large, and is usually only used in light load, low speed or intermittent motion. It is best to install a dust cover or a ball valve on the oil hole, and use a felt, cotton, wool, etc. as a filtering device.
(2) drip lubrication
A substantially quantitative amount of lubricating oil is supplied from a container through a hole, a needle, a valve, etc., and the most classic is a drip oil cup. The amount of oil dripping varies significantly with the viscosity of the lubricating oil, the bearing clearance, and the position of the oil supply hole. For light and medium duty bearings with a peripheral speed of less than 4 to 5 m/s.
(3) Oil ring lubrication
Can only be used for lubrication methods on the horizontal shaft. The oil from the oil sump is brought into the bearing by a ring that is hung on the shaft and rotatable. Suitable for medium and high speed bearings with shaft diameters greater than 50mm. The oil ring is preferably seamless. When the bearing width to diameter ratio is less than 2, only one oil ring can be used. Otherwise, two oil rings are required.
(4) Oil line lubrication
The oil in the oil cup is led to the bearing by capillary action and siphoning of the oil rope for light load and medium load bearings with a peripheral speed of less than 4 to 5 m/s. The wick has a filtering effect.
(5) oil pad lubrication
The oil in the oil sump is applied to the shaft diameter surface by capillary action of the oil pad. This method allows the friction surface to be kept clean, but the dust can also clog the capillary holes and cause insufficient oil supply. Oil pad lubrication is usually only 1/20 of oil lubrication.
(6) oil bath lubrication
A method of lubricating a part of a bearing into a lubricating oil. This method is often used for vertical shaft thrust bearings and is not suitable for radial bearings in horizontal shafts.
(7) Splash bearing
Lubricating oil supply bearings that are splashed by the slap of the rotating parts in the fuel tank are suitable for bearings of higher speed.
(8) Spray lubrication
A lubrication method for atomizing a lubricating oil onto a friction surface for high speed bearings.
(9) Pressure oil lubrication
By lubricating the pressure of the pump to supply oil to the bearing, the lubricating oil flowing out of the bearing is recycled to the oil pool for recycling, which is the most oil supply and the most stable lubrication method, and is suitable for high speed, heavy load and important sliding bearings.