Fault Analysis and Treatment of Internal Gear Pump 2018-09-26 12:27:18

Fault Analysis and Treatment of Internal Gear Pump

Fault analysis and treatment

After each disassembly, it was found that the inner sleeve of the driven gear was severely worn, and the deepest point reached 5 mm, and the driven shaft also had corresponding annular wear marks. According to the actual situation of the site
The reasons for the excessive wear of the driven gear inner sleeve and the driven shaft are as follows: the material contains particulate matter or other hard impurities, and the driven gear inner sleeve
The wear-resistant driven gear bushing material (material is copper) is too soft and wears too fast; if the lubrication is improper, the gap between the driven shaft and the driven gear inner sleeve is too small, and the lubricating material cannot form a lubricating oil film.

2.2 Treatment measures
During the operation of the equipment, the driven gear and the driven shaft are the most vulnerable parts. To reduce the cost of spare parts, it is necessary to improve the use of the driven gear inner sleeve and shaft.
life. Add a set of spare filters to the front inlet of the pump, increase the number of filter meshes from 200 to 400 mesh, and switch the cleaning filter without stopping the machine.
Reduce the wear of the self-polymerized particles in the material on the inner sleeve of the gear. Improve the material of the gear bushing, from the original copper to brass, extend the use
Improve the lubrication method, according to the original spare parts dimensions for surveying and mapping; it is to open a 1.0mm wide spiral line in the bushing to facilitate the material to enter the gear along the spiral line
Bushing. At the same time, an oil filling hole is opened in the shaft, so that the material enters from the outlet end of the pump, and flows out from the suction end through the shaft to generate lubrication and flushing action.
The modified gear and driven shaft were installed in July and run until December 6th. The cumulative operating cycle is 100 days. The operation is in good condition. The vibration of the pump is measured with a vibrometer.
The speed is 1.47mm/s, the test is not more than 4.5mm/s and the pressure of the pressure gauge is 0.5MPa, which meets the requirements of 0.2-1.0MPa. The parameters of vibration value and pressure are within the control range and meet the production requirements.