Types of Plastic Cage 2018-08-31 09:16:33

Polyamide cage (PA66, PA46)
Polyamide cages are the most commonly used plastic cages for cylindrical roller bearings. They are mainly made of fiberglass reinforced polyamide 66 (PA66-GF25, PA66-GF10) and polyamide 66 (PA66).
It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good toughness, wide temperature adaptation range and moderate price. It is suitable for most application conditions and is mainly used for small and medium-sized bearings.
Glass fiber reinforced polyamide 46 (PA46-GF30) has better performance and its temperature range is from -40 to 160 °C. Cylindrical roller bearings use a polyamide cage to reduce friction
Wipe and temperature rise to improve bearing speed, life and reliability.

Polyphenylene sulfide (PSS) cage
The PPS cage can be used for a long time at 200 °C. The specially modified varieties have a heat distortion temperature of over 350 °C. It has the characteristics of low friction, low temperature rise, high strength and high speed operation.
Life, low heat cage, can extend lubrication and bearing life.

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) cage
PEEK has a temperature range of -70 to 250 °C. For bearings operating at higher temperatures, PEEK can be used as the cage material.
At present, domestic high-speed bearings have adopted PEEK cages with a speed of 3 × 104 r / min and an operating temperature range of - 40 to 180 ° C. The bearing capacity is high and the service life is long. It can be used under oil-free lubrication conditions.
jobs. High-performance, high-rigidity, high-capacity spindles for precision grade double row cylindrical roller bearings developed by NTN for high performance PEEK cages

Polyimide (PI, TPI) The cage polyimide material is easy to process, with outstanding strength and toughness, wide operating temperature range, high chemical resistance and wear resistance. At temperatures up to 200 °C, it has not been shown that the PA66 cage is caused by temperature and lubricant additives.
Signs of aging, suitable for high temperature, high speed, chemical corrosion resistant alternator or transformer