Cylindrical Roller Bearing Cage Material 2018-08-29 17:48:52

Cylindrical roller bearing roller is in line contact with the raceway. It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity and large radial rigidity. At the same time, it has the advantages of high speed limit and convenient installation and disassembly due to the bearing structure characteristics. It is widely used in electric motors, railways and machine tools. Spindles, reducers, rolling mills and transportation machinery occupy an important position in rolling bearings. Modern cylindrical roller bearings from internal structure to materials used
Great improvements have been made to improve performance, life and reliability. Among them, the research and improvement design of cage structure and materials have guaranteed and promoted the development of cylindrical roller bearing technology to a certain extent.
At present, cylindrical roller bearing cages mainly include stamping cages, metal solid cages and engineering plastic cages according to their production process and materials. Different structural designs and material cages have a great influence on the bearing performance. Therefore, the paper introduces the characteristics of various types of cylindrical roller bearing cages, in order to provide reference for the design and selection of cylindrical roller bearings.

1 Steel cage
Early cylindrical roller bearings used more stamping cages, and the main structure was grooved, B-shaped, and M-shaped.
The stamping cage is mainly used for small and medium-sized bearings. It has high strength, a large number of rollers, and a bearing capacity. It is suitable for mass production and has low cost. Due to the relatively low machining accuracy of the early stamping cage, the bearing limit speed is not high, and the bearing vibration noise is large, which is difficult to meet the increasingly high performance requirements of the bearing. With the continuous development of stamping cage technology, especially the high-speed precision blanking (200 to 1 000 strokes per minute), the extensive application of automatic welding and shaping technology, its application is gradually expanding, and it has a large-scale development and gradual development. A trend to replace solid copper cages. The development direction of stamping cage technology is mainly due to structural innovation, and the development of new structure also depends on the improvement of cage materials and process equipment.
2 brass cage
The material used for the metal solid cage is mainly brass, bronze alloy, cast iron and steel, and its structure is mainly composed of two types: integral type and split type.
There are two types of metal solid cages in the overall structure: split type and integral type. The difference of split type structure is mostly in the connection mode; the difference of the integral structure is reflected in the improvement of bearing friction, operation and load bearing performance. Since the split cage needs to be integrated to realize the function, the split is mainly a convenient process, and the split connection still has unreliable problems. Therefore, with the advancement of the process technology, the application of the overall cage will come. more. The technical development direction of metal solid cages is the improvement of new material applications, structural optimization and processing techniques.

3 plastic fiber cage
Injection molding engineering plastic cage is also a common cage for cylindrical roller bearings. Its structure type is mainly straight window hole structure, which is divided into radial demoulding and axial demoulding according to the injection molding method of injection molding [8]. The biggest feature of injection molded plastic cages is the physical properties of the materials used and their temperature and oil resistance.
Due to the characteristics of engineering plastics, the plastic cage has the advantages of increasing bearing speed, damping and noise reduction. With the continuous improvement of bearing performance requirements and the improvement of the performance of engineering plastic materials, the application of plastic cages will become more and more common, and the application in small and medium-sized bearings will become the mainstream. The development direction of the technology is mainly the application of new materials and injection molding process. Technological advancement.

The structure and material of the cage have a great influence on the performance of the bearing. Small and medium-sized cylindrical roller bearings can be used with stamped cages, but bearings with an inner diameter of more than 150 mm, high-speed bearings or bearings that require smooth running require a solid cage ( Car-made solid brass cages cost more). Glass fiber reinforced nylon cages are also widely used under conditions of low temperature requirements.