Bearing 24036EJ

  • Bearing 24036EJ
  • Bearing 24036EJ
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  • Timken
  • Original Cerificate
  • <>24036EJ
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Common modifi cation and style codes: Note:
K = tapered bore EJ bearings supersede
EJ = 2-piece steel cage - window type(1) CJ and VCSJ bearings.
EM/YM = 1-piece brass cage - fi nger type, roller piloted EM bearings supersede
EMB/YMB = 1-piece brass, fi nger type, land piloted YM bearings.
YMD = 2-piece brass, fi nger type, land piloted EMB bearings supersede
W33 = 3 holes and groove in O.D. YMB bearings.
W800 = shaker screen modifi cation: Radial Internal Clearances (RIC):
- RIC in upper 2⁄3 of clearance specifi ed C2
(1)See complete modifi cation code list on page 65. C0 = normal
Shaft and housing fi ts, internal clearances, tolerances C3 > C0
and other technical data for these bearings are found in C4 > C3
the engineering section of this catalog and the Timken C5 > C4
Engineering Manual C6 = special clearance
Bearings are available with a tapered bore for adapter-type
mounting. To order, add the suffi x “K” to bearing
number (e.g., 23120K).
• Consult your Timken sales engineer for up-to-date
information about the availability of the bearings you
have selected.

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