Bearing NNU49/900MAW33 NNU4992MAW33

  • Bearing NNU49/900MAW33 NNU4992MAW33
  • Bearing NNU49/900MAW33 NNU4992MAW33
  • Bearing NNU49/900MAW33 NNU4992MAW33
  • Bearing NNU49/900MAW33 NNU4992MAW33
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  • <>NNU49/900MAW33 NNU4992MAW33
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More Product Details

•• Additional radial load-carrying capability compared to single-row product.
•• Designed to ISO/DIN specified interchangeable dimensions.
•• Sold as complete assembly

FAG BEARINGS are available in both cylindrical and conical (post code K) configurations. There are two main types: NNU design and NN design. The NN design has a double-edge inner ring and the outer ring has no ribs. The NNU design has no ribs on the inner ring and double ribs on the outer ring. The tapered hole structure can be used to adjust the radial clearance when it can be reinstalled. Bearing NNU49/900MAW33 NNU4992MAW33 allow for a certain axial displacement between the shaft and the housing and can be used as a non-locating bearing. This type of bearing has the advantages of compact structure, large rigidity, large bearing capacity and small deformation after loading, and is especially suitable for machine tool spindle support.
The cage of the Bearing NNU49/900MAW33 NNU4992MAW33 adopts the car body cage The selection of the proper bearings for all mechanical systems is essential to the functional and commercial success of that system. The bearings must not only be of the right type, but also the correct size to assure reliability and cost effectiveness. The bearings must be installed properly, supplied with the correct lubricant,and provided with a compatible environment for the system to be successful. This catalog isdesigned to provide guidelines for the engineer to follow in making proper bearing selection and in establishing an operating environment that will lead to reliable system performance. Because it is impossible to cover all aspects of bearing selection within any text due to the vast number of variables encountered.

Improper handling practices prior to and during installation can easily damage the quality and precision built into Lion Machinery Pty Ltd-Bower roller bearings. Although a general
set of rules cannot adequately cover all the ways that a roller bearing should be handled to prevent it from becoming unserviceable, certain essential precautions
and care will minimize such damage. Prior to shipment, Lion Machinery Pty LtdFAG BEARINGSare thoroughly cleaned, coated with a rust preventative, and carefully packaged for protection against contamination and oxidation. A positive effort should be made to keep the bearings in this condition prior to final assembly. The bearing package should be kept closed until ready for immediate installation. If it is necessary to unwrap the bearings before that time, they should be placed on a clean surface and covered with a lint free cloth. Prior to bearing installation, housings, shafts, and other adjacent parts should be wiped clean or washed. In addition, foundry sand should be completely removed from castings.
FAG BEARINGS should be installed in an area where a clean atmosphere exists. In addition, it is imperative that assembly benches and tools be kept clean to prevent contaminants such as dust, grit and steel chips from entering the bearing. Contamination not only
causes rough and noisy operation, but usually results in premature bearing fatigue. It is much easier to keep a bearing clean than it is to wash it clean enough for service.

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