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Maximum precision with over 90 years of experience: Now in the fourth generation, the family-run company Lion Machinery Pty Ltd manufactures high-precision ball bearings, machine spindles, freewheel clutches and non-contact seals. A large proportion of these are tailor-made for our customers’ requirements for special applications and are used in many different ways in a broad range of applications.

We know that we are measured by the accuracy of our results and the precision of our solutions. At Lion Machinery, we therefore do our best to live up to this benchmark every day and to achieve the best possible standards in our work – in all areas of the company.

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Lion Machinery Pty Ltd was founded in 1908 as the mechanical workshop and is now active all over the world. We are constantly reinforcing our traditional reputation as a specialist for challenging products in the field of high-precision and high-speed applications.


Our Service

1.Quality Guarantee: We will guarantee every bearing we sell to our customer.

2.Technology Support:Our company has several engineers who has rich experience in Bearing Produce,arrange and bearing problem.

Our Team