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150th Anniversary EVENTS 2012

150th Anniversary
The Battle of Fredericksburg

Street Fighting

Fredericksburg commemorates the 150th anniversary of the battle there with a series of tours, talks and living history programs Dec. 7-15. Most activities are free.

Here are the highlights (subject to change). Check back here or the official websites below for details and changes.


Friday, Dec. 7

  • Ranger-guided four-hour bus and walking tour of the entire battlefield 10 am-2 pm. NPS event (fee charged).
  • "The Slaughter Pen," ranger-led walking tour 3-5 pm. NPS event.
  • "Prelude to Battle," lecture at the Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church. 7 pm. NPS event.


Saturday, Dec 8

  • Living history camps and demonstrations throughout the day at George Washington's Boyhood Home at Ferry Farm (across the river from downtown at 268 King's Highway). $1 fee charged for admission to the site.
  • "Fire in the Streets" ranger-led downtown walking tour 8–9:30 am. NPS event.
  • "Protecting Jackson's Left," ranger-led walking tour 10 am–noon. NPS event.
  • Living history: Artillery fire begins from Ferry Farm. 10 am.
  • Living history: Pontoon crossing from Ferry Farm to City Dock. 10:20–11 am.
  • Living history: Street fighting downtown from City Dock to Riverfront Park. 11–11:30 am.
  • Living history programs at Rising Sun Tavern, Kenmore Inn, Kenmore and the Mary Washington House. 11 am–1 pm.
  • "Across the Bloody Plain," ranger-led tour of the Union advance toward Mary's Heights. 1–2:30 pm. NPS event.
  • Living history: Battle of Marye's Heights on Hanover, Marye and Brompton streets. 3–4 pm.
  • "The Dreaded Heights," ranger-led tour of Marye's Heights. 4–5 pm. NPS event.

Sunday, Dec. 9

  • "Breakthrough at Prospect Hill," ranger-led tour. 9–11 am. NPS event.
  • Procession through town to the Sunken Road. Begins at Riverfront Park at 1 pm. The walk is accompanied by simulated shell explosions and drum beats. Final ceremony at the Sunken Road. NPS event.


Tuesday, Dec. 11

  • "Smoke on the Water," ranger-led tour from Chatham to the Rappahannock River. Noon–1:30 pm. NPS event.
  • "Changing the Face of Battle: The Crossing," ranger-led tour of the river crossing sites. 2–3 pm. NPS event.
  • "Fire in the Streets: Seizing the City," ranger-led tour of the house-to-house fighting downtown. 3:30–5 pm. NPS event.

Wednesday, Dec. 12

  • "Yankees in the Streets," ranger-led tour of downtown. 10 am–noon. NPS event.

Stone Wall

Thursday, Dec. 13

  • "Attacking Marye's Heights: Sacrificing to Win," ranger-led tour of early Union assaults. 10 am–noon. NPS event.
  • "Breakthrough at Prospect Hill," ranger-led tour of the brief Union breakthrough. 1–3 pm. NPS event.
  • "The Hopeless Charge: The Last Attacks against Marye's Heights," ranger led tour of the Union attack route. 3:30–5 pm. NPS event.
  • Lectures by Robert K. Krick and Gary W. Gallagher and book signings by Ed Bearss at the Fredericksburg Hospitality House, 2801 Plank Road in Central Park. Cocktails followed by buffet dinner and talks beginning at 6 pm. $50.

Saturday, Dec. 15

  • "Lee and Jackson at Belvoir," rare open house at the site of Confederate headquarters. 10–11:30 am. NPS event.
  • "Yankees Coming and Going: Franklin's Crossing," a tour of a Union river crossing site. 1–2:30 pm. NPS event.

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