Sesquicentennial events

September 1863 & 2013

September 8, 1863 – Battle of Sabine Pass (TX)

Then: A handful of Confederates managed a lopsided victory against a flotilla of Union gunboats and transports hoping to land infantry at the mouth of the Sabine River.

2013: A reenactment commemorating the battle is scheduled Sept. 7-8 in Port Arthur (TX).

September 9, 1863 – Amphibious assault on Fort Sumter (SC)


Then: Union forces launched an ill-fated amphibious assault on the famous fort in Charleston Harbor. The attack was turned back easily.

2013: Living history at Fort Sumter recalls the event Sept. 7-8.

September 10, 1863 – Little Rock (AR) falls

Then: Another Southern state capital falls to Union forces.

2013: A reenactment of one of the battles (Reed's Bridge) leading up to the Confederate evacuation is set for Sept. 7-8.

September 19–20, 1863 – Battle of Chickamauga (GA)


Then: Confederates finally evacuated Chattanooga (TN) Sept. 7-8 closely followed by Union troops into north Georgia. The Southern Army of Tennessee under Gen. Braxton Bragg aimed to recapture the critical railroad junction and turned on the Union Army of the Cumberland under Gen. William Rosecrans. The battle fought along the banks of Chickamauga Creek (GA ) Sept. 19-20 was one of the bloodiest of the war and was a major Confederate victory. The beaten Union army was able to limp back into Chattanooga.


The Chickamauga National Battlefield plans a variety of tours and talks Sept. 16-22 commemorating the battle. See

A reenactment is set Sept. 21-22.

A related conference is scheduled Oct. 9-12 in Chattanooga.